BTM 1.3 status

I’ve been really busy with many different things lately and this caused delays in the release of BTM 1.3. Hopefully I will be able to release the second beta in the coming days and the final version shortly after, my plan being for the end of this month.

Some of the most interesting features that will take place in this release include:

  • The long-awaited incremental recovery that will allow you to register your resources (JDBC datasources and JMS connection factories) even after the transaction manager startup will finally be part of this release.
  • A serious redesign of the internal 2PC engine that is now able to even better report errors happening during 2PC while at the same time bring enough flexibility needed by features I plan in future releases.
  • Publication of BTM artifacts + POM under the Maven2 central repository.
  • A JNDI provider is now embedded in BTM. It allows you to access the TM and all of its configured resources using fully standard API without a single extra line of configuration.

This doesn’t sound like much but 1.3 is quite an important milestone and might very well be the latest of the 1.x series. I really want to get that version heavily polished and very well tested before moving on to the Next Big Thing.

I’ll blog more about it once 1.3 is out in the wild.

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