BTM 1.3 RC2 released – 1.3 final due soon !

The long overdue BTM release candidate just made it out today, at last ! The project is still alive and kicking, it’s just that it’s like me: on vacation and needing rest.

A lot of bugs have been fixed in that new release candidate, mainly in the core transactional engine and all lately opened bug reports and feature requests have benn fixed / fulfilled.

This version should be very stable since it already passed near production quality testing but no software is ever tested enough so I’ll go on with that task for the coming days. My hard target is to release 1.3 final in the first week of August the latest. The end of the tunnel is close !

Finally, I want to thank everyone who helped me in this task be it by testing BTM, reporting bugs and requesting useful new features. Thank you, the BTM community.

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  1. Andreas Hartmann-Schneevoigt says:

    After spending lots of hour’s on making PostgreSQL and Atomikos working together, i found the Bitronix Project.

    Since i used Bitronix all my problems are gone!

    Great Work!!! keep on going!

    Best Regards

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