OpenSolaris Boomer rocks

I’m a big fan of Solaris in general, I consider this OS to be the best you can find to run on a server. Unfortunately it always lagged behind in all regards as a workstation OS when compared to Linux, not to mention MacOSX or Windows.

I’ve tried the OpenSolaris releases in the past and while improvement is visible it still isn’t ready to compete on the workstation OS market.

What always bothered me most is that sound support has always been terrible. Drivers are close to non-existent and sound quality was always acceptable at best when you could find supported hardware.

Now things have changed in that area too thanks to the OpenSound port effort codenamed Boomer and lead by Garett D’Amore, my new hero ! Not only common hardware is now supported but the sound quality is astonishing ! I can finally watch DVDs, DIVX and listen to my MP3′s when coding under OpenSolaris.

Thanks to Garrett and his team for this wonderful piece of software !

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