X-Lite 4 beta expired trick

Professionally as well as privately I heavily rely on VOIP and SIP for my voice communication needs. I’ve been using X-Lite 4 Beta quite happily for more than six months, until the day the beta expired. As surprisingly as it may sound, good quality MacOSX SIP clients are scarce to say the least so I wanted to find a decent workaround to the problem if possible while also testing a potential replacement.

I’m not going to debate about the subject but just share a little trick I’ve found while searching for a solution on the web. If you are also impacted by this annoyance you’ll certainly find this useful as it allows you to use X-Lite again without having to mess around, it just works again.

So here it is:

If you’re using build 56227 for Mac, then open terminal and run:

$ cd /Applications/X-Lite Beta.app/Contents/Frameworks/cpc_phone.framework/Versions/A
$ hexdump -ve '1/1 "%.2x"' cpc_phone | sed "s/0f88e5000000/909090909090/" | xxd -r -p >cpc_phone.fixed
$ cp cpc_phone.fixed cpc_phone

You may want to backup cpc_phone first in case you mess it up.

This will make the beta continue to work until they (Counterpath) release a new update.

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