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Liège in Belgium hit by grenade and gun attack

I live less than 2 kilometers away…

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Why we need JTA 2.0

The JTA API, which was introduced back in 2002 hasn’t changed much in nearly a decade. What could be regarded as a good thing for a specification often referred to as mature, actually isn’t. At least, that’s my opinion (and … Continue reading

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X-Lite 4 beta expired trick

Professionally as well as privately I heavily rely on VOIP and SIP for my voice communication needs. I’ve been using X-Lite 4 Beta quite happily for more than six months, until the day the beta expired. As surprisingly as it … Continue reading

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JavaWorld 2010 presentation

I received an email overnight saying my JavaWorld 2010 submission has been accepted. I’ll be presenting something related to JTA together with Alex Snaps of Terracotta. Stay tuned to learn more about this!

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BTM’s latest beta version just published

Last year BTM activity slowed down and nearly stopped definitely. This time is no more; as I just quickly explained in my classic ‘new version released’ email I publish on the mailing list the project is healthy once again. The … Continue reading

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Apparently my work on BTM hasn’t been as unnoticed as I thought: I got emails from a bunch of nice persons as well as some real propositions for work! This is much more than I expected and I’d like to … Continue reading

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Adopt a JTA expert

Once upon a time, there was a java developer who decided to write a standalone transaction manager in java. He worked hard on it on his own time but even if he never got rich because of it, it was … Continue reading

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OpenSolaris Boomer rocks

I’m a big fan of Solaris in general, I consider this OS to be the best you can find to run on a server. Unfortunately it always lagged behind in all regards as a workstation OS when compared to Linux, … Continue reading

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Going to Devoxx this year

I just registered for Devvox (previously known as Javapolis). If you ever happen to go as well and would like to discuss about BTM, let me know !

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Improved BTM integration with Tomcat and Jetty

Tomcat and Jetty integration has been improved in BTM 1.3.1. Integration is not anymore a clever hack but a clean integration with both container’s lifecyle. This basically involved writing new classes that plugs in each container’s lifecycle, they are available … Continue reading

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