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Sharding: another JTA use case

Recently, I’ve noticed more and more people looking for ways to create massively scalable applications. It is no well known that the database is more often than not the bottleneck. This is why caching became ubiquitous these years with lots … Continue reading

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BTM 1.3 RC2 released – 1.3 final due soon !

The long overdue BTM release candidate just made it out today, at last ! The project is still alive and kicking, it’s just that it’s like me: on vacation and needing rest. A lot of bugs have been fixed in … Continue reading

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A bit more on upcoming version 1.3

It’s been nearly six months since BTM 1.2 has been released. A successful project should be releasing often, at least more often than once every six months. This is something I will need to improve with future versions: less new … Continue reading

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BTM 1.3 status

I’ve been really busy with many different things lately and this caused delays in the release of BTM 1.3. Hopefully I will be able to release the second beta in the coming days and the final version shortly after, my … Continue reading

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A new commencement

This is my latest try at writing a blog and mainaining it. Let’s hope this time I will find time and motivation to update it. I will post random thoughts here about 2PC, JTA, XA, BTM and a anything remotely … Continue reading

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