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BTM’s latest beta version just published

Last year BTM activity slowed down and nearly stopped definitely. This time is no more; as I just quickly explained in my classic ‘new version released’ email I publish on the mailing list the project is healthy once again. The … Continue reading

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Apparently my work on BTM hasn’t been as unnoticed as I thought: I got emails from a bunch of nice persons as well as some real propositions for work! This is much more than I expected and I’d like to … Continue reading

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Adopt a JTA expert

Once upon a time, there was a java developer who decided to write a standalone transaction manager in java. He worked hard on it on his own time but even if he never got rich because of it, it was … Continue reading

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Improved BTM integration with Tomcat and Jetty

Tomcat and Jetty integration has been improved in BTM 1.3.1. Integration is not anymore a clever hack but a clean integration with both container’s lifecyle. This basically involved writing new classes that plugs in each container’s lifecycle, they are available … Continue reading

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BTM 1.3 RC2 released – 1.3 final due soon !

The long overdue BTM release candidate just made it out today, at last ! The project is still alive and kicking, it’s just that it’s like me: on vacation and needing rest. A lot of bugs have been fixed in … Continue reading

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A bit more on upcoming version 1.3

It’s been nearly six months since BTM 1.2 has been released. A successful project should be releasing often, at least more often than once every six months. This is something I will need to improve with future versions: less new … Continue reading

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BTM 1.3 status

I’ve been really busy with many different things lately and this caused delays in the release of BTM 1.3. Hopefully I will be able to release the second beta in the coming days and the final version shortly after, my … Continue reading

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