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Liège in Belgium hit by grenade and gun attack

I live less than 2 kilometers away…

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X-Lite 4 beta expired trick

Professionally as well as privately I heavily rely on VOIP and SIP for my voice communication needs. I’ve been using X-Lite 4 Beta quite happily for more than six months, until the day the beta expired. As surprisingly as it … Continue reading

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JavaWorld 2010 presentation

I received an email overnight saying my JavaWorld 2010 submission has been accepted. I’ll be presenting something related to JTA together with Alex Snaps of Terracotta. Stay tuned to learn more about this!

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BTM’s latest beta version just published

Last year BTM activity slowed down and nearly stopped definitely. This time is no more; as I just quickly explained in my classic ‘new version released’ email I publish on the mailing list the project is healthy once again. The … Continue reading

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Going to Devoxx this year

I just registered for Devvox (previously known as Javapolis). If you ever happen to go as well and would like to discuss about BTM, let me know !

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Sharding: another JTA use case

Recently, I’ve noticed more and more people looking for ways to create massively scalable applications. It is no well known that the database is more often than not the bottleneck. This is why caching became ubiquitous these years with lots … Continue reading

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A new commencement

This is my latest try at writing a blog and mainaining it. Let’s hope this time I will find time and motivation to update it. I will post random thoughts here about 2PC, JTA, XA, BTM and a anything remotely … Continue reading

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